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Squad Brothers

Get it with the Squad Brothers


6 week Strength & Fitness Online Program for the Brothers



This is for the brothers that want to do something about their health. We designed this program for you if you're ready to invest in your health and strongest self. We believe in family first so if you are strong, healthy and fit, means you can run around with your kids. Do it! You mahi hard for your whanau so its about time you start looking after yourself so you can keep being the dad, bro, uncle to the whanau.


If you need coaching and accountability, can't get to a gym and YouTube videos haven't worked for you...Our team have got your back! The Squad Bro's program is designed for beginners to ZUU or body weight-based training all you have to do is click the class link and let us show you the rest ***Zero equipment required*** All you need is the willingness to put in the effort, internet connection and a device.

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