What is the hardest part about getting fit?

Depending on where you are in your health journey can depend on what you consider to be the hardest part of getting fit. But in my experience your mental capacity is right up there.

The mentality is a key factor in your fitness journey.

How you feel mentally

How you think about yourself

How you think about your journey

How strong you are mentally

The mind game is real!!! When you feel pain the first thing you think to do is STOP, you don't like it, your body doesn't like it STOP. So we do, then it is hard to go again because we remember the pain and everything we didn't like about what we were doing.

To overcome this may come with practice. We first need to work on our thoughts. The first thing is to identify what is real pain and what is work pain.

👉🏽 Real Pain being injury

👉🏽 Progress Pain being muscle pain

Then when we feel progress pain we identify it as good pain and can now put it in to the positive thought pattern of reaping the benefits of the hard work we just put in to that workout.

Re-training our mindset can take some time but one step at a time is worth every step. This doesn't just work in a fitness journey but it applies in every part of your life.

To help overcome mental battles

➡️ Identify

➡️ Real Pain

➡️. Progress Pain

➡️ Re-train thought pattern

What do you struggle with the most?

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