We want to waste our mokopuna in a running race...

You can’t really tell but Hudz is 16 weeks pregnant in this photo. Performing iguanas on the beach with me. Her youngest baby, Rangimiria is in her puku in this photo. You may see her from time to time on our Insta stories, training next to her mum now that she's a big 2 year old.

She trained all the way up to 8 months of pregnancy.

That’s Hudz, that’s how she functions. She knows her body, she know it’s limits and knows how far she can push herself. She has spent years of training, research and getting coached to figure out what her body can do.

The journey never stops either. We constantly learn new things about ourselves, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Every single day we are learning new information that will help our bodies stay healthy right into older age.

Our goals are not just surface hot bitch goals.....although, those are still up there and we give no fucks whether that comes across as shallow. Hot bitch goals are enough. You wanna be a hot bitch...be a hot bitch...girl get it!!

Our overarching goal though is to be able to run around with our mokopuna one day. To be HOT...yes...but to be hot, healthy, strong and well...WELLNESS!

We want our moko (when we get to that stage) to be able to say…

“Nan wanna play with me?” And not be restricted in what “play with me”..... looks like for us as an older woman.

We want “play with me” options... like climbing the jungle gym, kicking the ball and having running races that we will waste them at and make them work hard to win. We don’t just let our kids and moko win “we teach them to earn it” like we had to do.

They can learn how to find fulfilment by having to work for their goals. We don't believe we should make life difficult for our kids, but we do believe that resilience and integrity is built by giving effort, and from good old fashioned...work for it bei!!

The only things we will give them for free and unconditionally is LOVE and support. So until they can beat us...we are going to stay healthy so we can waste our mokopuna at running races.

This picture represents our legacy aspirations..

Inside my sister's womb is her youngest daughter, inadvertently learning that her māmā

chooses her wellbeing. Actively working towards a legacy for her and any children her and her siblings may have. A legacy that promotes health, well being and courage. To step out and do what some people feel you should not.

In our terms for our own reasons.

One of our Bodsquad members here at Squad Sisters came up with the mantra “be a good ancestor”. So we reckon, before we even get to the mokopuna stage, we are going to take care of our health right now!! No pissing around waiting for next week or when "I have time". We're gonna be a good ancestor NOW so we can waste our mokopuna at running races.