It's that.. MOMENT.. that wakes us up everyday.....

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

It’s that moment!!!...We are driven by... that moment…..

Recently we had to answer a question about what drives us. What makes us wake up each day to do what we do. The big “WHY”. You know when you’re just waking up and part of you wants to stay tucked up in bed for 5 or 25 more minutes.

What drives us to forsake the choice to stay in bed and helps us decide to get up?

The actual question was “what made you go into the business you got into?”

Hudz and I tossed around all our reasons why, and we had heaps, such as;

  • Our Squad are waiting for us to show up

  • We want to show our kids that we are building something from scratch with just the skills we have right now and skills we are yet to learn along the way

  • So we can share everything we achieve with our whānau

  • To retire our mum and our husbands

  • To be of service to our community utilising what we have and are passionate about

And a whole list of other worthy reasons that totally make it easy to get out of bed.

But then Hudz said…nah sis..”it’s that moment

I asked “what moment?”

She gathered her thoughts and answered.... “it’s that moment when a person…...whether it's your squad, child, partner, friend or stranger…. That moment when they crossover from disbelief to belief”

There’s this magical kind of moment that trainers, healers, bosses, coaches, teachers, even parents get to experience but rarely talk about…

It’s the moment when a person who doesn't believe that they can achieve something finally crosses over into believing that they can. On the most part it’s a fleeting moment that happens quickly. Like a light switch being flicked on. But much like the light bulb, once it’s flicked on.....the light it creates is felt by everyone around it.

That’s a beautiful thing to bare witness to as well…

But that moment...when one of our members, one of our squad crossover.....THAT is the biggest reason WHY we do what we do.. "That moment" helps us do hard things like go into business with little to no knowledge of how to run a business. "That moment" makes the late nights, the uncertainty, the hard work.....worth it.

The hope that we may get to see that moment when we open up our class link and see their light is why we forsake 5 more minutes in bed, and we get up!!